Friday, June 25, 2010

My journey to Lindau Nobel Laurate Meeting

Time flies by!

Last couple of months were kind of hectic for me with SwapnoJaatra! Its nice to have a break!

Four or five months back, I got this chain email from one of my subscribed group that the Lindau Council at Bangladesh asked for online application from interested individuals for Interdisciplinary Lindau Nobel Meeting 2010. I was hesitant initially. Fortunately, for me, Mustak bhaya insisted that I should apply. I had two days in my hand (the last date was knocking at the door :p). Collected all the documents and applied. There has been a number of steps, initially I was selected from Bangladesh, then I had to apply at the Lindau Committee.

I think it was sometime around May! I got this email from the Lindau Committee congratulating me for being selected! That's a WOW!

Time passed by, required documents started to come to us (Me and Tania apu). Then an email came asking for application from those individuals who are interested to attend EUROSCIENCE OPEN FORUM 2010 @ Torino, Italy meeting after Lindau Conference. I thought, why not? But I wasn't sure about this one, 40 to be selected out of 650! It was a pleasant surprise at the end, I was selected based on my write-up!

Two weeks of Europe tour: 1 week @ Lindau, Germany and 1 week at Torino, Italy.... the journey has just began!

My laptop is running out of its battery charge :( There is no option of plugging power cable at Dhaka Intl Airport, I guess I've to stop now!


plasmid said...

I don't know why but it happened. Today when I was importing all of my gmail inbox to my OUTLOOK 2010, on a sudden I caught your mail with address of this blog. I went through this blog and I came to know that you came to TORINO (turin) and I didn't know!!! May be Mahdi you forgot me!!!

from MILAN

Akash said...

Mehedi bhai from Mustak bhaya's batch! Apnar kotha mone thakbe na keno! Yes, Turin e ashchilam, 1 week er jonno. How r u? How r things going? Which email address u use now? I hope u're okay!