Saturday, July 04, 2009

Moving my 360 blog to wordpress

Yahoo 360. Once it was part and parcel of my life; Apart from serving as a diary which bears marks of the history of certain part of my life, I had 81 friends, a huge fan base and more than 22000 web visits. Unfortunately yahoo has decided to shut down its 360 service on 13th July 2009. Like most of the fans of this service, I'm utterly disappointed. But at the end, I'd no choice but migrate my blog to other platforms.

There were many options, at least according to Yahoo!

  • Migrate to yahoo profile
  • Migrate to wordpress, blogger or other platforms
Couple of google searches and I myself found following additional options:

  • Import tool at My Opera
  • Import tool at Multiply
Yahoo profile seems okay, the only problem is I couldn't find the comments! Besides no image, no html imports. Only texts being imported. Its disappointing. I tried with blogger, but failed due to absence of any sort of import option!

All of the rest three imported part of my blog!!!

  • Wordpress imported without the images.
  • My Opera imported only the comments.
  • Multipy imported only the blogs, leaving the comments behind.
It felt like yahoo willingly ignored its 360 users! Considering all these facts, I opted for wordpress, manually added all the images (wasn't easy with 125 posts!) and tags. Now its in shape, at least to some extent.

The social networking face is missing from wordpress, but at least I've the blog!

I kept the weblink similar to my 360 one!

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