Friday, July 03, 2009

How language shape our cognition

Apart from Molecular Biology, there are certain other subjects on which I've deep interest. Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience (unlike some of my peers who are quite enthusiastic about the subject, I'm not a fan of general Neuroscience) as well as Linguistics. While going through my google reader updates from wordorigins, I ended up in this page on How does our language shape the way we think?

This is quite an informative review on the interface between human cognition and linguistics! Clearly described and well reviewed. Some facts discussed are indeed worth pondering.

Anyone interested in human language development and its effect on shaping our thoughts and emotions should give a look!

I've already hyperlinked to the web-page, in case you couldn't find, the link is given below:
How does our language shape the way we think?

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Riaj said...

hmm, had read it when you posted!!